On Tract with Jon LaCorte

On Tract with Jon LaCorte of Tract Optics. Speaking with co-founder of Tract Optics, Jon LaCorte. Jon along with his partner Jon Allen started Tract Optics so they can design and bring to market a superior product at more affordable prices by going consumer direct and cutting out the retailer. Tract Optics offer top of the line binoculars and rifle scopes. Take a look at their website - you will not be disappointed! http://TractOptics.com http://AmeircanOutdoornews.com

Michael Waddell- Cant Stop The Flop

Today we are speaking with Michael Waddell, the man who can stop the flop & the Bone Collector himself. We discuss how Michael got his start in the outdoor industry and how it has changed and evolved since he began working as a camera man that eventually evolved into his hit series The Bone Collector. We find out about Michael Waddell's likes and dislikes. What progress in the outdoor industry that he likes and the ones he dont. http://BoneCollector.com http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com  

Mike Arnold- Conservation Africa

Wildlife Biologist, Mike Arnold speaks to us about his conservation work that he has recently completed in Africa. We also discuss his upcoming trip to Mozambique where Mike and his team will go on a green hunt to dart a rhino. They will collect important DNA samples and set the rhino free back into the wild. Join us as we follow along with Mike Arnold-Conservation Africa. Mike Arnold is also the Author of Bringing Back the Lions. you can find a copy of his book on his website below   http://MikeArnoldOutdoors.com http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com

John Good: Blood on the Badge

Speaking with retired police officer John Good. John recently wrote a book called Blood on the Badge that is loosely based on true events that occurred during his time on the job as a police officer. John Good shares his experience and opinions regarding crime in the Chicago area as well as cu犀利士 rrent gun laws across America. http://crimeautorjohngood.com http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com

Second Amendment Foundation – Fight for Our Rights

Speaking with Tom Gresham from the Second Amendment Foundation regarding the current gun rights issues. The Second Amendment Foundation promotes a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Pro-Rights Group, Second Amendment Foundation provides a valuable service with our right to bear arms. Tom Gresham also has many years of broadcasting experience. He is the host of Gun Talk Radio that is now in its 28th year and also hosts the Gun talk Podcast. http://www.SAF.org http://www.Guntalk.com http://www.AmericanOutdoorNews.com

To Catch a Predator Part 2 w/Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson. He has gone undercover in more than 70 sting operations to break up child trafficking rings all over the world. Human Trafficking has become an epidemic and Paul Hutchinson has dedicated his life to saving as many children as possible. In this episode we discuss what parents should look for to keep your children safe. Not only from abduction, but from predators & pedophiles. Over 40 percent of women have been molested at some point in their life. That is a Staggering number! Do Not forget to Subscribe to our Channel. http://liberatechildren.org http://liberateachild.org http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com

America’s Sheriff Mark Lamb

Speaking with America's Sheriff, Mark Lamb of Pinal County Arizona about the boarder crisis and how it is affecting our way of life in America. The ripple effect of the overwhelming number of illegals surging across our boarders does not only affect border towns. It affects every city and town across America. The Biden Administration has rolled out the welcome mat, allowing people from all over the world to flow across our boarders. The crime rate is on the rise all over America because the Biden Administration does not vet any of the people coming across our borders. http://sherifflamb.com

Growth & Conservation with DSC

Speaking with Larry Weishuhn & Bruce Boroski about the Growth and the future of the Dallas Safari Club. Larry has been a vocal supporter of the Dallas Safari Club. He has voiced the extensive conservation work that DSC has been involved with since its inception in 1980. Bruce is the New Chapter Development Manager. He is in charge of creating new chapters and steering the future growth of the Dallas Safari Club. His job is to Make sure that the message of DSC is Clear. Dallas Safari club stands for the Animal and habitat conservation. To preserve the outdoor lifestyle for future generations. http://Biggame.org http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com

DYI Hunt Advisor – Hutch on Hunting

American Outdoor News speaks with Bruce Hutcheon from Hutch on Hunting. they are a DYI Hunt Advisor. If you are looking to do a DYI Hunt and you are not familiar with the area that you will be hunting - It would be wise to hire a hunt advisor such as Hutch on Hunting to lead you in the right direction to increase your chances of a successful Hunt. Hutch on Hunting Specializes in advising hunters in the state of Colorado. http://HutchonHunting.com http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com Dont forget to subscribe to our channel

Latest from Underwood Ammo & Bow Spider

We spoke with Caleb Barnett from Underwood Ammo during Shot Show 2023. He brought us up to speed about New Lines of Premium Ammo that Underwood has always provided and what is in store for this coming year. Underwood does have a series of announcements about new product that will launch this coming year. We also caught up with David Merrill from Bow Spider at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA on the latest innovations in Bow Hunting. The Bow Spider. If you are a Bow Hunter and are running and Gunning, the bow spider is a must have for your bow hunting gear. http://UnderwoodAmmo.com http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com http://Bowspider.com