Mike Arnold- Conservation Africa

Wildlife Biologist, Mike Arnold speaks to us about his conservation work that he has recently completed in Africa. We also discuss his upcoming trip to Mozambique where Mike and his team will go on a green hunt to dart a rhino. They will collect important DNA samples and set the rhino free back into the wild. Join us as we follow along with Mike Arnold-Conservation Africa. Mike Arnold is also the Author of Bringing Back the Lions. you can find a copy of his book on his website below   http://MikeArnoldOutdoors.com http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com

The EarthX Celebration

We are speaking with Trammell Crow & Mark Hall about the worlds largest green gathering - EarthX! A four day Celebration that will be held in Dallas April 19th to the 23rd. The EarthX creators expect close to a staggering 200 thousand people to attend this amazing event. You can expect to see over 700 ecologically friendly exhibitors and over the course of the event, there will be over 400 speakers at the EarthX celebration,. This is a non-for-profit event with all proceeds going towards conservation. People and exhibitors will come from all over the world for this four-day celebration of our planet and its preservation. This is not an event that you will want to miss. You can go to their website below to purchase tickets. http://www.earthx.org http://www.AmericanOutdoorNews.com

Growth & Conservation with DSC

Speaking with Larry Weishuhn & Bruce Boroski about the Growth and the future of the Dallas Safari Club. Larry has been a vocal supporter of the Dallas Safari Club. He has voiced the extensive conservation work that DSC has been involved with since its inception in 1980. Bruce is the New Chapter Development Manager. He is in charge of creating new chapters and steering the future growth of the Dallas Safari Club. His job is to Make sure that the message of DSC is Clear. Dallas Safari club stands for the Animal and habitat conservation. To preserve the outdoor lifestyle for future generations. http://Biggame.org http://AmericanOutdoorNews.com

Trust the Science w/Congresspeople Lauren Boebert & Tom Tiffany

Chris Avena from American Outdoor News speaks with Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert & Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany about their New Bill that they have presented to the floor. It is called "Trust the Science". The purpose of the Trust the Science bill is to remove the Grey Wolf from the Endangered Species list. The grey wolf was reintroduced into the wilderness of many states to increase the wolf population. When the grey wolf population achieved a certain number, it was to be delisted from the endangered species list. Each state was to regulate their numbers independently until a federal judge in California made the decision to re-list them onto the endangered species list. It is time for us to trust the science as it presents its sound findings. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert & Congressman Tom Tiffany are fighting to preserve our hunter conservation as well as the endangers species act. Biography | Representative Lauren Boebert (house.gov) Representative Tom Tiffany | Representing the 7th District of Wisconsin (house.gov) American Outdoor News Magazine - Best Hunting Magazines Online, Hunting Fishing Shooting Sports  

Mike Arnold- Bringing Back the Lions

Mike Arnold writes about international hunters, local tribespeople and the miraculous rescue of a doomed ecosystem in Mozambique in his new book, Bringing Back the Lions. If you care about animal conservation as well as their habitat, you must hear what Mike has to say. http://bringingbackthelions.com