Talkin NY State Gun Laws with Nick Passalacqua

We are Talking about NY State Gun Laws with Attorney Nick Passalacqua of Passalacqua & Associates. Since the Supreme Court Overturned the NY State Concealed Carry Laws – Governor Hochel pushed through some unconstitutional laws to counter act the Supreme Court Decision. Nick Passalacqua speaks to us about some of those new laws.

Jim Wiggins- AR’s & More

With 18 years in the outdoor industry, Jim Wiggins speaks to us regarding the specially crafted AR Upper receivers that are produced by Bowden Tactical as well as the attention to detail and the impeccable customer service you will experience at Bowden Tactical.


Talking Gun Control with Gabby Franco

Speaking with Professional Competitive Shooter and former Olympian Gabby Franco about the new gun legislation that NY Governor Kathy Hochul is forcing through without having any data to back it up.

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Mike Arnold- Bringing Back the Lions

Mike Arnold writes about international hunters, local tribespeople and the miraculous rescue of a doomed ecosystem in Mozambique in his new book, Bringing Back the Lions. If you care about animal conservation as well as their habitat, you must hear what Mike has to say.

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