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Lets Talk Turkey w/Durk Stark

We would like to welcome you back to the American Outdoor News Podcast. In our first episode for 2024, we speak to my good friend Durk Stark about the upcoming Turkey season. Durk will be guiding turkey hunts on his Hells Canyon Bow Hunting ranch this season and will give us a few pointers for a successful season.

Durk has been around the outdoor industry for 30 years and he is the owner Stark Growth where he has helped to develop some of the most innovative products for the outdoors. In this episode of the American Outdoor News podcast, we will discuss some of these amazing products.

Nate Hosie: Beyond The Paint

Speaking with budding Country Music artist and the co-host of HeadHuntersTV, Nate Hosie, about his road to success. He has overcome obstacles and personal tragedy. But it is those events that fuel and shape his passion and desire for music and the outdoors. His roots are deeply entrenched in music and the outdoors but, through it all, Nate Hosie has found a way to make it all work. But for now, Nate Hosie is living his best life and living out his dream.

Michael Waddell- Cant Stop The Flop

Today we are speaking with Michael Waddell, the man who can stop the flop & the Bone Collector himself. We discuss how Michael got his start in the outdoor industry and how it has changed and evolved since he began working as a camera man that eventually evolved into his hit series The Bone Collector. We find out about Michael Waddell’s likes and dislikes. What progress in the outdoor industry that he likes and the ones he dont.