Michael Waddell- Cant Stop The Flop

Today we are speaking with Michael Waddell, the man who can stop the flop & the Bone Collector himself. We discuss how Michael got his start in the outdoor industry and how it has changed and evolved since he began working as a camera man that eventually evolved into his hit series The Bone Collector. We find out about Michael Waddell’s likes and dislikes. What progress in the outdoor industry that he likes and the ones he dont. http://BoneCollector.com




Julie McQueen: The McQueen of CarbonTV

Julie McQueen, The president of CarbonTV speaks of her career path on her journey to the top of her game. Julie gives us some insight as we talk about hunting, media, as well as her personal life.




Talking Gun Stories with Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna, Actor, Director and firearm enthusiast speaks with American Outdoor News about his television show “Gun Stories” that airs on the Outdoor Channel.

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Climb Aboard for Nick’s Wild Ride with Nick Hoffman


Nick Hoffman, the host of Outdoor Channel’s “Nicks Wild Ride” Speaks with American Outdoor News about how he juggles his day to day life with family, his music career, touring , his television show and of course hunting.

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