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Chris Brackett Still Fear’s No Evil Part2

This is Part 2 of our Chris Brackett Still Fear’s No Evil interview.

In this part we discuss Arrow Affliction & Fear No Evil. Chris tells us more about his business Land Life. They are not making any more, so we discuss the value of land, specifically, farmland and hunting land. He relates his experience on how to improve the land value as well as setting it up for farming, food plots, etc. Finally- The moment that everyone has been waiting for – we discuss what it was like for Chris to tag his first deer since his suspension expired. What Really Happened?

Chris Brackett Still Fears No Evil- Part 1

We are Speaking to Chris Brackett – The Former Host of Arrow Affliction & Fear No Evil about Life after Tv. Life After his court case. Life after his suspension. Chris has started a new business called Land Life where he shares his vast knowledge of whitetail habits and tendencies and his knowledge of land management and food plotting and created an amazing business. Join us as we discuss his new business and just talk hunting. It was clear to me that Chris has settled into this new business and is thriving and Chris Brackett Still Fears No Evil.

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All-Pro Adam Vinatieri Livin the Outdoor Lifestyle

All-Pro Field goal kicker Adam Vinatieri Loves nothing more than sitting in a deer stand and watching the woods come alive. He tells us about growing up in South Dakota and how he shared the many hunting seasons with his family. He now passes down those traditions to his children and he is creating new memories with them. Adam tells us about his 24-year pro career in the NFL and, how the blizzard bowl against the Oakland Raiders during the playoffs to cement his name in NFL history.

Travis “T Bone” Turner: Body, Soul & Archery

Travis “T-Bone” Turner speaks to us about Archery. He answers the questions about archery that we all have – such as, how to set up your bow properly. How to set it us so it is right for you. He also answers the ago old question, Fixed Blade or Mechanical Broadheads. Is one broadhead better than the other? Is there a broadhead for every occasion? Travis tells us the one thing that is a constant – practice, practice, practice….

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