Travis “T Bone” Turner: Body, Soul & Archery

Travis “T-Bone” Turner speaks to us about Archery. He answers the questions about archery that we all have – such as, how to set up your bow properly. How to set it us so it is right for you. He also answers the ago old question, Fixed Blade or Mechanical Broadheads. Is one broadhead better than the other? Is there a broadhead for every occasion? Travis tells us the one thing that is a constant – practice, practice, practice….

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  • Michael A Kohl Reply

    Hi Travis, Its funny how people that you don’t know personally have a connection to you. Everyone whom is a Bow hunter and loves the sport knows about you and cares very much about you. some people have a way of touching you and your one of them. The brotherhood of hunters have strong bonds and we care about good people who do so much good for everyone. I want you to know we do care and your a strong man keep that spirit of life going. Because we all love it.

    November 16, 2023 at 5:24 pm

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