Nate Hosie: Beyond The Paint

Speaking with budding Country Music artist and the co-host of HeadHuntersTV, Nate Hosie, about his road to success. He has overcome obstacles and personal tragedy. But it is those events that fuel and shape his passion and desire for music and the outdoors. His roots are deeply entrenched in music and the outdoors but, through it all, Nate Hosie has found a way to make it all work. But for now, Nate Hosie is living his best life and living out his dream.

Travis “T Bone” Turner: Body, Soul & Archery

Travis "T-Bone" Turner speaks to us about Archery. He answers the questions about archery that we all have - such as, how to set up your bow properly. How to set it us so it is right for you. He also answers the ago old question, Fixed Blade or Mechanical Broadheads. Is one broadhead better than the other? Is there a broadhead for every occasion? Travis tells us the one thing that is a constant - practice, practice, practice.... American Outdoor News Magazine - Best Hunting Magazines Online, Hunting Fishing Shooting Sports