PrairieFire a Sportsmans campus

PrairieFire A Shooting Sportsman’s Campus

Speaking with Sonny Leggett of PrairieFire shooting Facility Located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prairiefire Shooting Range offers a premier shooting experience for both beginners and seasoned marksmen. With state-of-the-art facilities and a wide selection of firearms available for rental, visitors can practice their shooting skills in a safe and controlled environment. The range also provides expert instructors who offer personalized coaching to help shooters improve their technique and accuracy. Whether you are looking to hone your skills or simply enjoy a day of shooting, Prairiefire Shooting Range is the perfect destination for firearm enthusiasts in Las Vegas. For those seeking a memorable shooting experience in Las Vegas, Prairiefire Shooting Range stands out as a top choice. The range boasts a clean and well-maintained facility on over 500 acres, along with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit for all guests. With a variety of shooting packages available, visitors can customize their experience to suit their preferences and skill levels. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned shooter, Prairiefire Shooting Range offers a premium experience that is sure to satisfy any firearm enthusiast looking for top-notch shooting facilities in Las Vegas.

Faxon Firearms An American Success Story

Faxon Firearms truly is an American Success Story. Faxon Firearms' journey from a small startup to a reputable manufacturer in the firearms industry is indeed exemplary of the American entrepreneurial spirit and determination. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has undoubtedly contributed to their success and solidified their position in the market. Faxon Firearms, founded in 2012, has made a mark in the American firearm industry with their top-quality products like rifle barrels, AR uppers, and handgun parts. Their line of AR's, bolt action, and rimfire rifles are touted as top-of-the-line options for customization or ready-to-use firearms, showcasing the success of American craftsmanship in the industry. Robert Faxon and Dustin Wallace continue to innovate and provide impressive options for firearm enthusiasts.

NM Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham Does Not have the Power

NM Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham found out rather quickly that she Does Not have the Power In an attempt to push the lines of gun control, NM Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham showed complete disregard of our constitution by suspending the right to bear arms. Stephen Willeford and the Gun Owners of America wasted no time in issuing a lawsuit to the governor. The Governor found out quickly that the people will not stand for her clear executive overreach when the sheriff as well at the attorney general stated that they would not enforce her executive order banning the right to bear arms in the city of Albuquerque and the surrounding county. A federal judge has since put a holt her gun ban stating that this was a blatant violation of both the state and federal constitution. in the end - it is safe to say that NM Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham Does Not have the Power.

Second Amendment Foundation – Fight for Our Rights

Speaking with Tom Gresham from the Second Amendment Foundation regarding the current gun rights issues. The Second Amendment Foundation promotes a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Pro-Rights Group, Second Amendment Foundation provides a valuable service with our right to bear arms. Tom Gresham also has many years of broadcasting experience. He is the host of Gun Talk Radio that is now in its 28th year and also hosts the Gun talk Podcast.

Talkin NY State Gun Laws with Nick Passalacqua

We are Talking about NY State Gun Laws with Attorney Nick Passalacqua of Passalacqua & Associates. The Supreme Court Overturned the NY State Concealed Carry Laws. Since then, Governor Hochel pushed through some extremely unconstitutional laws to counter act the Supreme Court Decision. the Governor has excluded almost every public establishment to allow you to carry your licensed firearm. Nick Passalacqua speaks to us about some of those new laws. We believe that these new New York state laws to be a violation of our second amendment rights. We are confident that they will be overturned once again when it reaches the supreme court. Follow us for updates as we are Talkin NY State Gun Laws with our expert Nick Passalaqua. American Outdoor News Magazine - Best Hunting Magazines Online, Hunting Fishing Shooting Sports    

Tylor Thoman – Officer of the Year

Speaking with Officer Tylor Thoman of the Bravard county sheriff's department in Florida. Tylor was recently given the Officer of the Year award for his heroic actions that saved his own life and the life of his partner.

Talking Gun Legislation with the NSSF

Today we are talking about Gun Legi犀利士 slation with Mark Oliva the Director of Public Affairs at the National Shooting Sports Foundation. http://NSSF.Org

Talking about 2A with the National Association for Gun Rights

Chris Avena from American Outdoor News Speaks with Chris Stone from the National Association for Hunt Rights about the Second Amendment and the most recent gun legislation that has been presented by the left. http://www.NationalGunRights.Org Facebook Instagram Twitter Blubrry Website