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PrairieFire a Sportsmans campus

PrairieFire A Shooting Sportsman’s Campus

Speaking with Sonny Leggett of PrairieFire shooting Facility Located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prairiefire Shooting Range offers a premier shooting experience for both beginners and seasoned marksmen. With state-of-the-art facilities and a wide selection of firearms available for rental, visitors can practice their shooting skills in a safe and controlled environment. The range also provides expert instructors who offer personalized coaching to help shooters improve their technique and accuracy. Whether you are looking to hone your skills or simply enjoy a day of shooting, Prairiefire Shooting Range is the perfect destination for firearm enthusiasts in Las Vegas.

For those seeking a memorable shooting experience in Las Vegas, Prairiefire Shooting Range stands out as a top choice. The range boasts a clean and well-maintained facility on over 500 acres, along with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit for all guests. With a variety of shooting packages available, visitors can customize their experience to suit their preferences and skill levels. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned shooter, Prairiefire Shooting Range offers a premium experience that is sure to satisfy any firearm enthusiast looking for top-notch shooting facilities in Las Vegas.

Brei Carter: God Country & Guns

Country artist Brei Carter was raised in Louisiana, hunting, fishing and singing in the church choir. Brei’s love of god, country and guns took hold of her at an early age. The outdoor lifestyle has been a part of her roots that is reflected in her music. Brei Carter’s Love of God & Country led her to join the US Army. When 威而鋼
her time in the service was through, she went back to school for her Doctorate in the ROTC Program. She then re-enteres the Army as an officer. Brei’s love of god, country and guns is a part of who she is.

Second Amendment Foundation – Fight for Our Rights

Speaking with Tom Gresham from the Second Amendment Foundation regarding the current gun rights issues. The Second Amendment Foundation promotes a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Pro-Rights Group, Second Amendment Foundation provides a valuable service with our right to bear arms. Tom Gresham also has many years of broadcasting experience. He is the host of Gun Talk Radio that is now in its 28th year and also hosts the Gun talk Podcast.