On Tract with Jon LaCorte

On Tract with Jon LaCorte of Tract Optics. Speaking with co-founder of Tract Optics, Jon LaCorte. Jon along with his partner Jon Allen started Tract Optics so they can design and bring to market a superior product at more affordable prices by going consumer direct and cutting out the retailer. Tract Optics offer top of the line binoculars and rifle scopes. Take a look at their website - you will not be disappointed! http://TractOptics.com http://AmeircanOutdoornews.com

James Sellers – Right On Target

Chris Avena of American Outdoor News is speaki犀利士 ng with James Sellers of Sight Mark about his great scopes and the future of optics. Tune in for a glimps of what lies ahead in the world of optics http://Sightmark.com

Tanner Kochevar on Phone Skope & Pyro Putty

Tanner Kochevar of Skoped Industries talks about the latest product line of products from Phone Skope and Pyro Putty as well as what we should be expecting from this innovative company http://www.AmericanOutdoorNews http://SkopedIndustries.com http://PhoneSkope.com http://Pyroputty.com https://blubrry.com/americanoutdoornews/