To Catch a Predator Part 2 w/Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson. He has gone undercover in more than 70 sting operations to break up child trafficking rings all over the world. Human Trafficking has become an epidemic and Paul Hutchinson has dedicated his life to saving as many children as possible. In this episode we discuss what parents should look for to keep your children safe. Not only from abduction, but from predators & pedophiles. Over 40 percent of women have been molested at some point in their life. That is a Staggering number! Do Not forget to Subscribe to our Channel.

Going Undercover to Catch a Predator

Speaking with Paul Hutchinson. He is the Founder of The Child Liberation Foundation. He has personally Gone Undercover to Catch a Predator. He has assisted in more than 70 sting operations to uncover these child trafficking rings. He tells us in detail how he navigated his first operation to free over fifty children from a pedophile ring in Columbia. The Child Liberation Foundation finds safe homes for these children. Paul takes us on this journey of freedom. That is exactly what he provides for these children, freedom & liberation. He liberates them from these predators.,