Larry Weishuhn an Outdoor Legend

Legendary outdoorsman Larry Weishuhn has carved out an illustrious career as an author, outdoor writer, blogger, and host of podcasts and TV shows. Known for his deep expertise and engaging storytelling, Larry has become a trusted voice in the hunting community. This year alone, he has added to his impressive body of work by authoring three new books this year, each offering rich insights into the world of hunting. Through his writing and multimedia presence, Larry continues to inspire and educate hunters around the globe. Larry Weishuhn’s passion for deer hunting is evident in his extensive body of work. His latest books delve into the intricacies of deer behavior, habitat management, and the strategies that have made him a celebrated figure in the hunting world. His expertise helps both novice and experienced hunters improve their skills and deepen their appreciation for the sport. Larry's writings are not just instructional but also reflective, capturing the essence of the outdoor experience and the deep connection between hunter and nature. In addition to deer hunting, Larry Weishuhn has also turned his attention to hog hunting, a pursuit that has grown in popularity in recent years. His books and blogs provide valuable tips on tracking and harvesting hogs, addressing the unique challenges and rewards of this type of hunting. Larry’s thorough approach ensures hunters are well-prepared, promoting ethical hunting practices and effective population control. His multimedia content, including podcasts and TV shows, brings these insights to life, offering practical advice and captivating stories from the field. Over the past 15 years, the world of hunting has seen significant advancements, and Larry Weishuhn has been at the forefront of this evolution. Modern technology, such as advanced optics, GPS tracking, and improved firearms, has enhanced hunting techniques and safety. Larry's work highlights these advancements, helping hunters stay updated with the latest tools and methods. His commitment to blending tradition with innovation ensures that hunting remains a dynamic and sustainable activity. Through his books, media presence, and personal engagement with the hunting community, Larry Weishuhn continues to shape and celebrate the ever-evolving landscape of outdoor sports. Https://

American Outdoor News Lifetime Achievement Award

American Outdoor News presented their first annual Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr. Whitetail, Larry Weishuhn during the Dallas Safari Club Convention. The American Outdoor News Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual who has dedicated their life to preserve our outdoor lifestyle, traditions and heritage for future generations to enjoy. Larry Weishuhn has lived up to that commitment through his work as a wildlife biologist. It was through his work as a wildlife biologist that he established over 15 million acres for wildlife management programs. Larry has personally mentored many hunters & outdoorsmen/women over the course of his career. He has had an impact on thousands more through his books, articles, blogs, TV shows and podcasts. He also mentored many young outdoor writers, editors and publications. In fact, Larry was the first person to reach out to American Outdoor News when we first launched our publication. His friendship and guidance has been invaluable to me and many other fledgling writers and publications. It is with great honor that we present our first annual American Outdoor News Lifetime Achievement Award to Larry Weishuhn.